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Palomas Grilled Specialties

Served with Spanish Rice, Refried Beans and Tortillas

Chicken – One $15.99 / Two $29.99
Beef – One $16.99 / Two $33.99
Combo – One $16.99 / Two $33.99
Add sour cream or shredded cheese $.99 each

Palomas Parillada $52.99
(4) Large grilled shrimps, (4) beef ribs, beef or chicken fajita and pork sausage

Fajitas Rancheras
Chicken $16.99 / Mix or beef $17.99
Freshly prepared with tomatoes, onions & jalapeños

Fajitas veggie $15.99
Mixed vegetables

Fajitas Poblanas served with a cheese poblano
Chicken $18.99
Mixed or beef $19.99

Fajita con Camaron $19.99
Beef or chicken fajita (3) large grilled shrimps (add $2.00 for each additional shrimp)

Camarones Adorados $18.99
Shish Kabob with 6 large charbroiled shrimp, jalapeño Monterey Jack cheese wrapped in bacon, squash (add $2.50 per shrimp)

Carne Asada (Beef Fajita Steak) $17.99

Asada San Miguel $19.29
Beef fajita steak, topped with Monterey Jack cheese & mushroom

Tacos al carbon
Chicken $15.49 Beef or Mix $16.99
2 Tacos of charbroiled beef or chicken fajita rolled in a flour tortilla Topped with chile con queso or gravy & cheese (add $1.00)

Pollo a la Parrilla $17.99
Chicken breast topped with mushrooms and melted Monterey Jack cheese